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Our group provides a wide area of business in real estate and social activities as well. It creates huge opportunities for people to get employed and make their status independently.

Our approach is to create, modify, enhance and protect the business environment through commercial as well as social activities. The balanced combination of every activity at local, national and international arena with a view of huge expansion.

wide area of experience in real estate development, project management and consulting as well. Adherence to stringent ethical standards, as well as optimally satisfying the communication needs of clients as well as needy people.

SANKALP GROUP OF COMPANIES aims at real estate, project developments, project management consultant and information technology at a vast level. Moreover, in Aviation and FMCG Sector the SANKALP GROUP will have the greatest arena on national and International level in a short span of time.


Our group has the crystal clear vision as per our ethical standards, to run and grow the business in real estate, project development, project consultant, property construction, art and craft and much more.
Our main aim is to provide support and help to the disable persons who really face many genuine problems in their real life and also to support those who are needy.

We are aiming very high for changing the systems through government projects and various business plans. Our group is highly ambitious for commercial and social as well.

Our group is highly ambitious for commercial and social as well.


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